Build a Garden Shed


Manstuff Build a Garden Shed Man Cave.
Somewhere to escape from the rat race.
Your own space to do as you will. Beer brewing or beer drinking maybe?

Buying A Shed Top Tips

Tip 1 Should you Buy a Metal, Plastic or Wooden Shed.

Metal Sheds are robust and will not burn down but can be ascetically displeasing and can be difficult to assemble.
Condensation can also be a problem.
Wooden sheds are normally made of a softwood which is subject to rot unless carefully looked after.
Once assembled they can be difficult to disassemble and move without breakage.
Plastic sheds are pretty much maintenance free and are normally easy to assemble and disassemble.
But again may be ascetically displeasing like the metal shed.

Tip 2 Size is Everything

Bigger is better if you have the room. Period.

Tip 3 Measure Your Space

Then measure it again before you buy your shed unless you have a large open expanse.